Yoga of Consciousness

Yoga of Consciousness
Never has Self-Realization been made so accessible.
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This book exposes the ultimate practical guide to self-realization & uncovers the unseen blockages made by the ego-mind.

It is a practical book especially for those who:

– are sincere practitioners, meditators or seekers of the truth;

– wish to put an end to the misery-creator known as ego in this lifetime;

– have struggled with their meditation and spiritual endeavors for a long time but have yet to put an end to all dissatisfaction, suffering or incompleteness.

Supreme bliss, peace and eternal completeness are truly possible! Your true self can unquestionably be realized in this lifetime, if you follow what is shared in here.

25 Non-dual practices will be given that point directly toward your true nature, helping you to experientially recognize and abide as deathless consciousness that you are, effortlessly.

The parvastha of Kriya Yoga, the presence of being, the background of awareness, the “I Am.” It’s not a mere philosophy—it’s the bridge toward true and perpetual freedom. This guide will make it accessible, direct, and practical.

You have been searching for something beyond yourself, beyond the mundane life, beyond the plastic flowers of human existence. Yet, every time you seem to be closing in on the Truth, something has gotten in the way.

Despite many meditations, spiritual practices, pilgrimages, mystical experiences, and so on, you see yourself sidetracking from your spiritual journey, over and over again. It is as if it were stronger than you.

It’s not your fault though… it’s the false self, posing as the real Self that prevents you from reaching the highest potential of human existence.

Its name: ego.

By showing you how the ego works behind the scenes, and leads you to live a life of discontentment and incompleteness, you will finally wake up to your true purpose of attaining freedom, going beyond Kundalini, Kriya Yoga & all spirituality into awakening non-duality.

For a long time you’ve been invested in your current way of living, afraid of climbing the ultimate step into the unknown, bound by the ego’s illusions. As long as you keep investing in your current way of living, you will not climb the ultimate step into the unknown.

Recognizing the “I-ego,” dissolving it and living without it, is truly being self-realized.

Are you ready to dive into this unknown?