Where can I find Av Neryah’s teachings?

You can discover Av Neryah’s most profound teachings that can guide a spiritual seeker from ignorance toward the ultimate liberation in his autobiography. A one-on-one mentorship session with Av Neryah is the most effective way to learn and apply the teachings and nondual practice. Feel free to visit the teachings page as well.

It’s worth noting that he has also published over a dozen books in the past under his yogic and mystic alias about the most varied spiritual disciplines. If you are interested in these traditions and spiritual systems, check out the books page.

Does Av Neryah give retreats or live group events?

There is no current public offering for retreats or group events. However, there are plans to offer publicly available retreats and events down the line. Stay up to date with this information by subscribing to the newsletter.

I’d like to talk with Av Neryah in private. Is it possible?

You can book a one-off session or a recurring spiritual mentorship with Av Neryah here.

Are mentorship sessions offered in languages other than English?

For those who do not speak English, we offer sessions with live translation through an interpreter in select languages. Click here for more information.

What are the spiritual mentorship program funds for?

All the funds derived from the mentorship program and donations are only used for sustaining, growing, or expanding teaching offers and the spiritual sharing. If you’re interested in knowing Av Neryah’s perspective on the typically sensitive subject of how financial resources play a role in the dissemination of spiritual teachings, click here.