Turiya: The God State

Unravel the ancient mystery of Turiya —
The God State.
What readers are saying:


This book is based on Turiya, which is the highest potential a human can aspire to achieve in this world.

The teachings and expositions in this book are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Special paragraphs were written with the underlying purpose of dismantling the illusory constructs that your ego-mind has created.

The unseen and immeasurable existence of who we are, once discovered, awakens an instantaneous insight that everything is a speck of dust in comparison to the Ultimate Reality. But even this speck of dust is worth celebrating once we know our timeless Being. After all, life is supposed to be a celebration of love. Turiya makes that celebration possible!

The natural manifestation of enlightenment is truly the highest celebration in life.

This book reveals the truth about how enlightenment manifests in self-realized human beings in this world in terms of:

body – energy – mind – ego – kundalini – consciousness – samadhis – behaviors – psychological traits – thoughts – tendencies – emotions – apparent desires – residual habits – perception – duality – non-duality – life – dreams – sleep – death.


And it will also disclose:

  • What is the God State and why it is so critical in our spiritual journey;
  • The reason why the perfect “being” or perfect “Guru” doesn’t truly exist;
  • The usually erroneously interpreted “degrees of Enlightenment;”
  • How is it to live from permanent Samadhi;
  • A practical and comprehensive guide to the process of surrender and presence—the two essential ingredients of your spiritual journey;
  • How spiritual practice clears away the subconscious debris, purifying the psyche;
  • Why restlessness commands your life and how to go beyond it;
  • And much more.


It is time you dive into the ocean of bliss within—with no oxygen tank—or do you prefer to stay in the arid desert of dissatisfaction?

It’s your choice—now or never.