The Secret Power of Kriya Yoga

The Secret Power of Kriya Yoga
How Fusing Bhakti & Jnana Yoga into Kriya will Unleash the most Powerful Yoga Ever
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Revealing the fastest path to self-realization, with a remarkable approach never seen before in the history of Kriya Yoga.

Each chapter is infused with the powerful lightening of Kriya, the infinite love of Bhakti and the timeless wisdom of Jnana Yoga.

This book will share teachings no other Kriya Yoga book ever shared. Do not expect to find superficial and common kriya teachings in this it.

This book exposes the direct yogic path, without unnecessary pages full of useless information that is not relevant to your awakening and Self-Realization, leaving no stone unturned.

No more detours, distractions and lifetimes. It is now that we are going to do it.

After exposing Kriya Yoga, in the first volume of this collection, Kriya Yoga Exposed, we will now unleash its tremendous power, as the basis for all yogas to come into fruition, going beyond our apparent existence and mortality, into the realmless realms of the Absolute beyond comprehension.

That is our destination, going faster than light, faster than anything conceivable, into the inconceivable beyond nothingness.

Do you dare to go that deep inside?

Are you ready to unlock all the secrets of the universe and existence?

You are. Because you are already It.
Here and now you will recognize your forgotten infinity.


These themes will be addressed:

  • All the samadhi mysteries will be revealed;
  • The disclosure of a secret no Kriya Yoga guru will ever tell you;
  • Answering the most relevant Kriya questions like “What kind of Kriya Yoga is the best?” or “Do I need a guru?”;
  • Slight Upgrade on Kriya practices for a more powerful energetic boost toward Kundalini awakening;
  • Crystal clear practical explanation of how Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga can turbo-charge your Kriya practice beyond the unimaginable;
  • Breaking free from duality, through the sharing of authentic non-dual teachings accompanied with the essential words of the self-realized masters;
  • Clear and direct pointers to who you really are, awakening true wisdom-discernment and revealing the imperishable, everlasting happiness and peace that is the natural fragrance of the Absolute;
  • And much more.