Mentorship Package

  1. If you wish to book a regular mentorship with Av Neryah through the purchase of a Mentorship Package, you just need select “Mentorship Package” and select the desired package by clicking “Add to Cart.”

2. Subsequently, you will be prompted to provide your name, email, and phone (optional). The field “Notes to Business” can be left empty.

You must also choose your payment method: credit/debit card secured via Stripe or payment via PayPal.


3. If you select “Pay Now and Complete Order,” you will be prompted to enter your billing and payment information, which is securely processed through Stripe.

If you select “Pay Now with PayPal,” you will be taken to Paypal’s website to conclude the order.

4a. Upon completion of your order, you will receive a certificate code via both your browser and email. To schedule your session, simply click “Schedule” and you will be redirected to the scheduling page where you can choose your desired session date.

4b. Alternatively, you can also redeem your code in the mentorship page by using the certificate code or your email in “Redeem Package.”

5. After booking your session, you will receive a message indicating the number of sessions remaining in your pack. You can immediately book another session to reserve a future slot (please ensure there is a minimum gap of two weeks between each session). You also have the option to create an account, which allows your information to be securely saved for future scheduling or when you wish to make new bookings.

If you have any questions, please contact us.